Available in over 50 countries, 'iPad Teacher Guide' provides practical advice and ideas for using the iPad successfully as a teacher and with pupils in Early Years to Secondary education. Written by Adam Foster, an experienced Primary School Teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator
The eBook is divided into chapters covering:
- Digital Literacy.
- Movie Making.
- Teaching with the iPad.
- iPad Workflows and Pupil Examples.
- Screen-casting.
- Using iPad with the Primary Computing Curriculum.
- Early Years and much more.
The Number 1 iPad Teacher Guide Book
Practical Advice and Pupil Examples
Over 60 Minutes of Video Tutorials
The book also includes over 60 minutes of video tutorials and many classroom based ideas for all year groups. Regularly updated for free to keep ideas and advice relevant.

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"The BEST iPad Teacher Guide. Great job. Well written and easy to follow"
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"Great Resource"
Tom Sheppard, Newfoundland
"Love the book. Have recommended"
Richard Anderson, Ed Tech Trainer, Wolverhampton
"Thanks a million, it's a great resource."
Sacred Heart Primary School.
"We came across Adam Foster's book and enjoyed it so much, that we decided to share."
Kizzu, Education Blog
"Really useful for both Primary and Secondary School Teachers."
Chris Goodrich, Mountbaten School
"Excellent ideas and tips that I'm looking forward to trying out."
Tristan Hawkins, Primary School Teacher, Kenley
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Read full review
"The BEST iPad Teacher Guide. Great job. Well written and easy to follow"
Colin Campbell, Principle, Manitoba
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