Scratch Band Activity Pack

🛠 What will you need?

The Scratch website. It is free to use and works on all devices.

What will you learn?
Program an interactive rock band in Scratch by:
– Adding instrument sprites and programming keyboard/touch inputs to play the sounds.
– Program costume changes to add animations.
– Adjust the sound of your instruments using the Scratch sound editor.
– Program guitar chord strumming.

1. Add a concert stage
Watch the video to learn how to add a concert stage backdrop.

2. Build an interactive drum kit
Watch the video to learn how to add drum kit sprites and add keyboard/touch inputs to play them. You can also edit the sounds of the drums.

3. Add Animation
Watch the video to learn how to add costume changes to make it look like the drums are being hit.

4. Guitar Chords
Watch the video to learn how to add guitar sprites and use inputs, sound outputs and wait blocks to strum different chords.

5. Build your Band 
Use the skills you have acquired so far to add more instruments. If you have a microphone on your computer then you could record singing or real instruments by adding the microphone sprite, clicking on Sounds then the speaker icon in the bottom left corner and Record

Could you create another project in Scratch and then program the instruments to play by themselves using loops and the wait code block?  Here is a code sequence for a drum beat on loop.