Frequently Asked Questions

Trusted resources used by teachers and pupils in over 800 schools.

Who can use iLearn2?
Everyone involved with a Primary school can login depending on which plan is purchased. See our different plans here. 

How much does it cost?
There are different subscription plans for different needs. For example, individual teachers can subscribe with a class of pupils through to our school plan where schools can provide access for all teachers and pupils. See our different plans here. 

Which order should I teach the packs?
Please use our Progression page for our suggested teaching sequence for Years 1-6.

Which plan should I purchase?
There are 3 different subscription plans for iLearn2 but for all three, you will only have one login. The difference between the plans is outlined below. 
Teacher plan: One teacher can login and use the account. The pupil activity pack codes (see below) can be shared with one class of pupils. This plan is designed for class teachers who want to use iLearn2 with their class only.
Teacher Plus plan: One teacher can login and use the account. The pupil activity pack codes (see below) can be shared with all pupils at one school. This plan is designed for teachers who teach computing across a school.
School plan: All teachers in the school can share the teacher login and all pupils can access the pupil activity codes. This is designed for schools who want to use iLearn2 as a complete scheme of work. There are two different prices for the school plan for schools with under 300 pupils and those with over 300 pupils.

Do you offer a discount for very small schools?
If your school only has a few classes then we suggest purchasing a teacher subscription for each teacher/class. 

Does it work with different devices (iPads, Chromebooks etc)?
The activity packs include activities for common software across Microsoft, Google and Apple or websites compatible with all devices. So regardless of the devices your school has, you will be able to follow the activities.

How many logins do I get?
Just one. Regardless of which plan teachers/schools use, only one teacher login is created. For the teacher plans, only one teacher can use the login. For the whole school plan, all teachers at a school share the login which has it’s single access restrictions removed.
Pupils access each pupil activity pack using a unique pupil activity code, these codes are restricted based on the plan purchased.  

What are pupil activity pack codes?
You can find more information about pupil activity pack codes here. 

Who are we?
Teachers! Adam Foster is an experienced Primary Computing teacher and lecturer. Adam created the popular Primary Computing and iPad Teacher Guide apps, which were used by thousands of teachers worldwide – all his content plus more is now available through this website. Prior to creating iLearn2, Adam provided training and support across the UK and Europe to hundreds of schools on digital learning and the computing curriculum.  
Kelly Foster is an experienced Key Stage 1 teacher and Computing Co-ordinator. Kelly teaches part-time and contributes to our Key Stage 1 resources, as well as adding voiceovers for many of the pupil video tutorials. 
iLearn2 also includes contributions by experienced Primary teachers and website programmers.

Can I try it before purchasing?
We do not offer free trials. All of our progression pages are free to access. We have a free sample activity pack and associated pupil activity pack for each of EYFS to Year 6 plus 4 FREE Scratch Pupil Activity Packs. Visit each year group page or the Progression page to find these packs.

Why is it subscription based, not a one-off payment? 
Technology does not stand still and neither does this website. We add new content every week so teachers can keep up-to-date and receive new resources regularly. The pupil activities mean teachers and schools can use the website every year with new classes to help teach pupils computing.

Can you invoice the school to pay for a subscription?
All new purchases and renewals will need to be paid online through our pricing page. One of the reasons we are able to keep the price of the subscriptions so affordable is by removing the administration time of creating and chasing invoices. As stated on the pricing page, we are able to invoice a school for payment by BACS or cheque but there will be an additional £15 admin charge per year.

Can the website be used outside the UK? 
We have hundreds of schools and teachers plus thousands of pupils using the website all over the world. The navigation of the website is based around the Primary Computing Curriculum for England but the activity packs can be used in any English speaking school. 

Can the activity packs be used across a school with mixed-age classes?

Yes, we have many schools who use the website to cover the computing curriculum in mixed-age classes. Please get in touch and we can help you map out the best way for your school

Can you notify me when new resources are added?
When you subscribe to iLearn2 your email will be added to our mailing list so we can email you when new content is added. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at anytime by following the link at the bottom of each email.

How do I cancel a teacher subscription?
Get in touch here.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my account?
Yes, you can upgrade from Teacher to Teacher Plus and pay the difference, dependent on how many months you are into your subscription. If you decide you would like your school to use iLearn2 then you can receive a full refund on Teacher subscription if you sign up for one of our school plans within 14 days of starting your Teacher subscription. Please get in touch about downgrading from Teacher Plus to Teacher plans and upgrading your account.