Year 2 – Introduce Data Handling
(Teacher notes)

Pupil Activity Code: 33YY – What is it?

🧩 Progression of skills in this pack:
– Understand what data is and collect it as a tally. 
– Use software to label a pictogram and add data to each column.
– Edit a table with correct titles and numbers.
– Use software to create a bar chart/pie chart/line chart suitable for the data.
– Interpret a pictogram/bar chart/line chart.

📝 National Curriculum Content
Use technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content.

⏱ 2-3 hours

This activity pack covers how younger pupils can collect data and present it in different charts using the Junior Infant Tools, which is free and works on all devices. A subscription is required for pupils to save their work. However, pupils could take a screenshot of their work, which is covered for each device in the assessment section below.

🛠 What will teachers and pupils need?
Pupils will need to be able to access the Junior Infant Tools Chart website and the task PDFs below, which should be printed for pupils to record their data onto. Optional cups or containers with animal pictures (see activity 1).

👨‍🏫 Teacher Input
Show examples of charts (use Pictogram and chart examples PDF below) and discuss what they show and why we have them (to make data easier to understand). Each of the pupil activities below includes an introduction video which can be shown to pupils before they start each activity. The videos also introduce the key vocabulary but also discuss how computers make it easier and quicker to create charts instead of colouring them in and drawing lines etc..

For the less able pupils, you may wish to collect data as a guided group task. For the more able pupils, accessing the pupil activity pack independently allows them to move onto the next activity. More able pupils can also be coaches for less able, which helps the lower ability with support but can also consolidate skills for higher ability, who should be encouraged to help not take over. More able pupils can also create their own table and charts independently after completing the tasks below, such as ‘how many children walk to school in class?’

Pupil Activity Pack (Teacher view)
Pupil Activity 1 – Understand the word ‘data’ and collect data as a tally.
This video introduces the word ‘data’ and then demonstrates how pupils can collect data by filling out the table on their data collection animal task sheet below, as a tally. The data could also be collected by each pupil putting a counter in a container of their favourite animal on (pictures could be found from the animal task PDF below). Once the counters are in the chosen containers, ask the pupils whether this presents the data well enough so we can quickly see which is most/least popular or would a chart on a computer show it better?

Pupil Activity 2 – Present data as a pictogram.
This video demonstrates how pupils can present the favourite animal data from the previous task as a pictogram using Junior Infant Tools Pictogram tool. Once the pictogram has been created then a suitable title can be added.

Ask pupils what their chart shows (most/least popular?). You may want to show pupils how to use the undo arrow in the top left corner if they make a mistake.

Pupil Activity 3 – Create a bar chart/pie chart/line graph for different types of data
Pupils can complete the favourite sport and lion size data collection sheets below. Then show pupils the video which demonstrates how a table can be edited in Junior Infant Tools Chart Tool with the correct data. Pupils can choose the correct chart type to match data (sport could be pie chart or bar chart and the lion data could be a line data as it changes over time).

Ask pupils what their charts show.

🏁 Plenary
Discuss the results for each of the tasks above with pupils – what their charts show and why do we use charts to present data?

✅ Assessment
If your school subscribes to J2E then the pupils can save their pictograms to their online files or if not then print them. Pupils/teachers could also take a screenshot. This could then be inserted into a Word document or saved to a pupil work folder. Click the links below to learn how to do this on your school devices.
Windows PC

The Junior Infant Tools website mentioned above is compatible with iPad.  
Cross Curricular
The data used for the charts can be linked to topics and lessons such as Science results, homes, geography and PE scores.