Scratch Chat Activity Pack

ūüõ† What will you need?

The Scratch website. It is free to use and works on all devices.

What will you learn?
The basics of Scratch, including:
– Add backgrounds (stages) and characters (sprites).
– Write a simple program to have two sprites talk to each other.
– Write a program for a sprite (e.g ball) to move a certain distance.

1. An introduction to Scratch
Watch the video to learn why we use Scratch and to learn about the different parts of the editor. You can also click the image below for information. 

2. Backgrounds (stages)
Watch the video to learn how to add backgrounds, which are called Stages in Scratch.
Once you have watched the video, try it yourself.

3. Characters (sprites)
Now add some characters (sprites) into your stage and move/resize them. For this program we are going to have two animal sprites and a ball sprite.

4. Write a program for the sprites to chat.
Write a simple program to each animal sprite to say something.
Remember, for the second sprite you will need to use the wait code block. 

5. Movements
Write a program for the ball sprite to move from one character sprite to another. You could try using the movement in steps or gliding to a position. This is explained in the video tutorial.
Remember you will need to leave a wait code block at the start to let the characters finish talking.

You could also use the ‘Glide to sprite’ code block (below) but you will have to check whether this is accurate enough.¬†

Can you continue the conversation? How would the character send the ball back? 

6. Text to Voice
Add audio voices to your sprites using the text to speech code blocks. Watch the video tutorial to help you.