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These 2 pupil activities teach pupils how to design a 3D village/town and 3D Lego models using 2 free, online design tools. Includes 2 pupil activity packs (accessible at school or home) with video tutorials and challenges, guiding pupils through the software and skills. Plus teacher notes, downloadable assessment grid and cross-curricular ideas. 

Progression of skills in this pack

3D Village Pupil Activity Pack skills:

1. Understand 3D spacial awareness.
2. Add 3D shapes, resize, adjust height, duplicate and use the different perspective.
3. Re-create different types of buildings using 3D shapes.
4. Create roads/paths by adjusting the height of 3D shapes.
5. Add window, door and tree shapes.

Lego Modelling Pupil Activity Pack skills:

1. Add, move, change colour and duplicate a brick.
2. Rotate bricks.
3. Use sloping bricks and special bricks for a purpose.
4. Change the transparency of bricks.

Key Stage 2 Curriculum

Select, use and combine a variety of software on a range of digital devices to create content that accomplish given goals.

🕓 6-8 Hours