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Teaches pupils many ebook creation skills including:
– Pupil activity pack with video tutorials guiding pupils through creating interactive ebooks for quizzes. Plus an extension task demonstrating how to make an interactive storybook where the reader chooses the plot.
– Teacher notes/lesson outlines, knowledge organiser and downloadable assessment grid.
Uses online software compatible with all devices.
Also see our Year 4 Ebook Creation Activity Pack as a starting point. This pack also demonstrates how teachers and pupils can make content for accessibility.

Progression of skills in this pack

1. Add page colour and style.
2. Add, position and format text on different pages.
3. Add and position images.
4. Add audio, including hiding it behind an object.
5. Add hyperlinks to text and images.
6. Search for shapes.
7. Lock and arrange shapes (extension task).

Key Stage 2 Curriculum

Use technology purposefully to create digital content.

🕓 3-5 Hours