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Activity pack helping pupil understand how computers have changed over time, how people use them now and predict how they will change in the future. Includes:
– 4.5 metre history of computing display providing fantastic talking points for class/group discussions.
– 6 minute history of computing video timeline documentary.
– PowerPoint presentation looking at past predictions.
– Pupil Activity pack for school/home, including interactive timeline creation activity using free online software, 2 worksheets and video tutorials.
– ​Teacher notes and other useful resources.

Progression of skills in this pack

1. Show awareness of how computers and digital technology helps us today.
2. Understand how technology has changed over time and represent it as an interactive timeline.
3. Understand the impact (positive/negative) technological changes have on society.
4. Predict how technology will change in the future. 

🕓 2-3 Hours