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This activity pack demonstrates how WordPress (a free, online website and blog editor) can be used by pupils to create and publish their own websites about a variety of topics. It introduces and develops many digital skills (see below). The pack includes:

  • A pupil activity pack accessible at school or home using our pupil activity code tool with 9 video tutorials and activities (see introduction video tutorial below).
  • Teacher notes with a video tutorial demonstrating how to set up and moderate the pupil websites, assessment grid and knowledge organiser. 

This pack replaces the previous web design pack, which used Weebly Education. Weebly Education is no longer open for new teacher sign up. However, our original activity pack is still available (link in this pack) for teachers who have an existing Weebly education account.

Progression of skills in this pack

1. Create a static homepage.
2. Choose a suitable theme for your website.
3. Change the site identity to a suitable title, tagline and website icon.
4. Upload a suitable header and/or background image.
5. Adjust the website sidebar and add suitable widgets.
6. Add text and images to a page and edit them.
7. Add multiple pages and edit the navigation, including sub-menus.
8. Provide constructive feedback for your classmates’ websites.

Key Stage 2 Curriculum

Design and create digital content to accomplish goals.

🕓 5-8 Hours