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Pupil Activity Packs and Codes 

Most of our activity packs have an associated pupil activity pack (in some cases multiple), which allow pupils to work at their own pace through the activities, video tutorials and challenges at school or home. The pupil activity codes are a quick and easy way for teachers to assign a specific activity pack to a class, group of pupils or individual pupil.

Pupil activity codes are simple codes (4 letters and numbers) for a specific pupil activity pack that can be shared with pupils who type them into the homepage or Login screen, where they are directed to the relevant activity pack – no pupil logins to make! Teachers can find the code for each pack by going to the activity pack when signed in as a teacher. You can try out the codes for yourself with your pupils using our FREE activity packs, found in each year group page. 

iLearn2 web-app
Teachers and schools often find it helpful to save either the iLearn2 homepage or login page as a web-app to the pupil’s home screen or dock on their computers or tablets, especially for younger pupils. This means pupils can open iLearn2 quickly without searching or typing the iLearn2 website address, saving time in lessons. We have included links below demonstrating how to make a website a web-app on the different devices:
Windows 10

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