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This pack consolidates many of the Scratch programming skills covered in our Year 3 to 5 Scratch Packs into 5 independent projects and introduces many new skills. Each pupil activity includes video tutorials and challenges, allowing pupils to work at their own pace at school or home using our pupil codes tool.

Pupil Activities include:
⛷️ Scratch Slalom Skiing –
covers many of the skills from our year 4 and 5 Scratch packs, including inputs, loops and selection. It then introduces random variables to make the game unpredictable and a variables for a timer.

🚀 Scratch Space Invaders – this pack covers the same skills as the skiing activity above but is a little more complex for more able pupils.

🎾 Scratch Tennis (FREE) or type pupil code 541A Sample pack helping pupils to program a tennis style with keyboard/touch inputs, selection (conditions) for interaction, random variables for unpredictability and data variables for scoring.

🎨 Scratch Paint – Program Microsoft Paint-style software in Scratch using a range of skills; inputs, selection (conditions), sensing, pen and broadcasts.

📱Scratch Phone/Tablet Simulator – Program a phone or tablet simulator by using multiple app icon and screen sprites to send various messages between them. Pupils can then develop and expand their project independently.

Plus teacher notes with lesson outlines, assessment advice, assessment grid, unplugged assessment sheet/cards, knowledge organiser, posters, certificates and more.

Progression of skills in this pack

1. Program keyboard/touch screen inputs, selection (conditions), loops and random variables for unpredictability (operators).
2. Program inputs, selection, sensing, random variables, operators for direction and data variables for scoring.
3. Use inputs, selection, loops, sensing, costume changes and broadcasts.
4. Work with multiple sprites to send broadcast messages between them.

🕓 7-9 Hours