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Introduce younger pupils to stop-motion animation using free, online software. Includes:
– Lesson outlines with introductory video.
– Video tutorials.
​- Pupil Activity Pack.
​- Assessment opportunities.
– Cross-curricular links and ideas.

Progression of skills in this pack

1. ​Add a background and objects to a frame.
2. Copy/clone a frame and move objects to create an animation.
3. Create screen-recording animation (optional, requires iPad).
4. Create stop-motion animation with photos (optional, requires iPad).

Key Stage 1 Curriculum

Use technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content.

🕓 3-4 hours

📥 Updates to this pack:

20.10.20 – Added ‘Introduction to Stop-motion Animation’ video to help with teacher input.