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This pupil activity pack introduces pupils to text-based programming, including Javascript and Logo, through a series of activities using free, online software. Includes video tutorials (see sample below) guiding pupils through the activities plus an introductory video. The teacher view of the pupil activity pack includes assessment advice and a downloadable assessment grid plus a knowledge organiser PDF. Prepares pupils for our Year 6 HTML and Python activity packs. 

Covers variables, accuracy, programming simple apps (including icons) with touch screen functions, programming digital art, keyboard inputs for game creation and Logo Turtle assessment lessons.

Progression of skills in this pack

1. Change the variables of text-based commands.
2. Write text-based commands accurately and use fill effects, stamps and functions.
3. Write text-based commands to program digital art.
4. Write text commands/functions to program keyboard inputs in a game. (Not compatible with iPad/tablet unless using physical keyboard)
5. Programming a Logo turtle to move and use pen.
6. Use co-ordinates in with a Logo turtle.
7. Print labels in Logo.
8. Program a loop (repetition) and shapes in Logo Turtle.
9. Program colours in Logo turtle.
10. Program variables in Logo turtle.

Key Stage 2 Curriculum

Use sequence and repetition in programs; work with variables. Correct errors.

🕓 4-6 Hours

📥 Updates to this pack:

16.07.21 – Added new app programming activity and Knowledge Organiser.
10.06.21 – Added Logo Turtle assessment lessons.
05.08.20 – Added new activity with video tutorial teaching pupils how to write text-based function/commands for keyboard inputs