Year 6 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (teacher notes)

Pupil Activity Code:  A552 – What is it?

Progression of skills in this pack:
1. Understand how computers use information to learn by solving new problems and following new instructions.
2. Understand and use examples of machine learning.
3. Understand how artificial intelligence is used to perform tasks often only performed by humans.
4. Discuss and show awareness of potential dangers of AI.

⏱ 1-2 hours 

The introduction video and activities in this pack describe to pupils how computers acquire information to effectively learn (machine learning) and discusses examples. The video below also gives examples of machine learning (such as face recognition for unlocking devices)and also looks at examples of artificial intelligence.

🛠 What do pupils and teachers need?
​There are also 4 activity websites below (also part of the pupil activity pack) that use machine learning, such as recognising photos, drawings, word association and software responding to sounds. 

👨‍🏫 Teacher Input
Watch the video below ‘What is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?‘ and at the end the video asks questions which can be used as a stimulus for a class discussion:What examples of machine learning and AI do you use in your day to day life?
(Pupils may suggest smart speakers, Siri, face/finger-print unlocking etc)
Do you think there will be any issues with AI in the future?
(Such as computers being more intelligent than humans – people such as Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates have previously warned that computers could eventually takeover and eradicate the human race. Also, if robots are being used for human jobs, does this affect job opportunities?) 
Would you trust a computer delivering parcels to your door or travelling in a taxi with no human driver?
(Errors and bugs leadings to accidents and other dangers

✅ Assessment 

Once pupils have watched the video and tried the activities below then they could try the assessment sheet below to assess their understanding. Please note, the first page of the assessment PDF below is the teacher answers.

Pupil Activity Pack – teacher view
What is Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? 
Watch the video to learn about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Activity 1  – Cartoonify
Cartoonify uses a neural network (programs that copy how a human brain works) to turn your uploaded photo into a unique cartoon. Upload an image with a simple photo with a solid background and the software will learn about the photo and draw a cartoon of it. You could find an image from Google to use.

Activity 2 – Quick, Draw 
The Quick, Draw website uses a large data set of drawings matched to words. You can contribute to the data by drawing the word that is displayed, helping the program learn more.   

Activity 3 – Semantris Word Association
This is a word association game that uses this same technology. Each time you enter a clue, the AI looks at all the words in play and chooses the ones it thinks are most related. Because the AI was trained on conversational text spanning a large variety of topics, it is able to make many types of associations.

In Semantris’ Arcade, when the AI sorts the list, the most related words are moved to the bottom. You can see that it thinks that the word “Moon” is a better conversational response to “Sun” than “Teacher”.

Activity 4 – AI Piano Duet
The AI Piano Duet uses machine learning to respond to the notes you play. It listens to the notes you play and then responds with similar notes and timing. The programs has millions of note sequences inside to match your notes to.