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"A dying breed of trainer who is prepared to teach children!"

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'iPad Teacher Guide' provides practical advice for using the iPad successfully as a teacher and with pupils in Early Years to Secondary level. Features 60 minutes of video tutorials, suggested apps, hundreds of ideas, advice and much more. Includes regular free updates.
iPad teacher training by Adam Foster provides ideas and advice for creating new teaching and learning opportunities with the iPad from EYFS to Key Stage 3. It highlights examples and strategies that have been used by Adam with pupils in school. The training is practical and bespoke.
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About Adam
Adam Foster is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Apple Professional Development Authorised Trainer and an experienced Primary School Teacher who co-ordinates ICT from Reception to Year 6 at a school in Wolverhampton. Adam has effectively used mobile learning technologies in his teaching and with his pupils. In the last few years he has supported hundreds of Primary schools with maximising the use of their iPads through continued training, advice and support.
Recent Testimonials
"Thanks for all the great advice today. Good to get advice from someone who is still in touch with the classroom."
Justine Marshall, ICT Lead Teacher, Worcester

"It was fantastic to have someone who is a teacher, give practical examples of using iPads effectively."
Zoe Meredith, Telford

"Thank you for a really full and focused day, you have certainly raised my confidence and inspired me to help my staff to get using their iPads effectively."
Fleur Wells, St George's International School, Rome

"Great staff meeting tonight with Adam, packed with ideas and advice which we can't wait to get started with. Book him if you can!"
Lisa Hinton, Worcestershire

"Thank you so much for the training which I thought was really great. "
Philip Foley, Headmaster, Tettenhall College

"The training was fantastic, it was great to be given practical advice and ideas from someone who is a teacher. Very enjoyable and inspiring." Holywell School, Loughborough
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